As I prepare to visit family and friends in Belgrade, I already know that food, long hours at cafes and late nights will affect my everyday regimented workout routine.

However, I plan not to give in too easily… With these simple steps I will not only work out, but feel better about myself, burn calories and sleep better…and so can YOU!
Whether you plan to travel on business or for pleasure follow these simple routines and feel fit and fabulous when away!
  1. Walk or run in the city you are visiting. My husband and I like to do a little running exploration of the city we are visiting and we start mapping our day. We decide which way to take to the local attractions, where to eat, where to take pictures while doing something we will both feel good about- burning a few calories!
  2. Take a bike tour. Pedaling around Versailles definitely made us feel less guilty when it came time for a wine and cheese picnic!
  3. Pack some resistance bands and a jump rope. These are light, easy to pack and economical pieces of equipment you can throw in your carry-on and use in your hotel room. Shoulder presses, rows… the list goes on and on of body toning exercises.
  4. Take your workout to the park and do body weight exercises. Be creative: and make your own boot camp. Run, then stop for some push-ups, run some more, stop for bench step-ups, run then stop for jumping jacks. You get the idea… there are many exercises that use only your body weight, do not require any fancy equipment and will still have you work up a good sweat.
  5. Going to a beach vacation? Swim and take one of those 10am water aerobic classes – you may not only have fun at your own expense, but you sure will feel good after you are done. 🙂
  6. If you are more of a group activities person-check out your destination for Yoga and Pilates studios, kayaking classes, etc. There is no reason not to include such activities into a leisurely vacation.
  7. Have kids? Play with them, chase them, take long walks – teach them from an early age to respect and take good care of their bodies.
Instill some if these great habits and you will benefit from them during your vacation, and for a lifetime!