With the Holiday Season just around the corner, why not commit this year to staying fit through the Holidays?
Here are 5 easy tips to help you maximize your efforts, maintain your fitness conditioning, or even improve it. Why not?
  1. Make working out a priority. Yes, you heard right! Regardless off how busy you are, now is the time to stay consistent or even start an exercise program. You will deal better with Holiday stress, maintain a better diet and sleep better. All important factors in avoiding weight gain and Holiday blues – some simple ideas for every budget: do a workout tape at home before work, (look at Amazon.com or your local target for dvd choices). Take a fitness class close to work or home, before or after work or even at lunchtime! Plan your workout week each Sunday and stick to it! You will be surprised how much better you will feel and how doable it actually is!
  2. Eat a well balanced nutritional diet. Remember eating healthy does not mean “deprivation” it just means your diet incorporates more of the “good choices” than the bad ones. An occasional treat is always possible if planned properly – keep raw veggies and fruits at your desk to avoid cravings and eating all that “Holiday stuff” that lingers around the office.
  3. Watch out for those caloric alcoholic beverages! As the Holiday parties add up, so does our intake of booze. That means more calories in liquid form and more “poorly” made eating choices.  Instead, sip your drink slowly, break up your cocktails with seltzer water and don’t ever go famished to a Holiday party!
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation, not only depletes us emotionally, but it also makes us crave fattier foods, and diminishes our resolve. Regardless what your schedule is, be sure to get approximately 7 hours of sleep per night.
  5. Up your workout intensity. Whenever I have plans to go somewhere for a nice dinner, in anticipation of it, I go for a workout and make it slightly more challenging. The rationale behind it is not to punish myself – on the contrary, I think of it as rewarding myself with nice dinner ahead, because I worked out so hard. When I have that mindset, I seem to be more eager to push through and think of the extra “push” as a positive.
So don’t let this Holiday season be a physical or emotional burden. Have your workout bag packed and be ready to put a little sweat every day and enjoy all the benefits a healthy body awards you!
Go into this season feeling fabulous for honoring your body and health!
Happy Holidays!