It’s that time of the year… one month into the New Year when some of our resolutions are sticking and some may need a little jolt of inspiration!

To help you get back on track we share a FREE workout to UP your game, recommit and start again. This time no delays, no excuses! If you are a total beginner, welcome… It’s never too late to turn the page and decide to be good to yourself by making a life changing decision to exercise as of today.

If you are a workout veteran, let’s take your workouts to a whole new level by pushing harder, trying something new and different and getting the most out of each exercise. And to make sure you can get started today we have put together a short, free, high intensity workout to get your year started just right!

So clean up a small space in your home and/or office, warm up for a few minutes and let’s do a simple yet effective workout targeting every muscle in the body: the trick is to do as many reps with good form within 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds. (Beginners can start by doing 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off – until you build stamina.)

Keep repeating the circuit for a total of 40 minutes and try to exceed the number of repetitions you perform with each additional 40 second interval. The only way this short session works is if you really push yourself and work hard!

  1. Shoulder tap push up. In a push up position, tap your right shoulder then perform a single push up. Tap left shoulder then perform a single push up. Continue to alternate. Beginners can do this exercise by foregoing the shoulder taps and doing any push up variation you can do with good form. i.e. on knees, with feet far apart, etc.
  2. Burpee. From standing position jump into a push up plank position then jump back up. Beginners can skip the jumping part and just extend one leg at a time into a plank.
  3. Hot potato squat. In a squat position hold a dumbbell (or bag, or water bottle, depending on your fitness level) and as your straighten your legs, pass the dumbbell to the other hand, repeat squat, as you straighten your legs, repeat the pass. Keep transferring the dumbbell “hot potato” from hand to hand for the allocated time.
  4. Reverse lunge with toe touch. From a standing position lunge back with the right leg until knee gets close to the ground in a 90 degree position then as you straighten up to standing position, swing (don’t kick) that same leg straight in front of you as high as you can and try to touch it with your left hand. Perform a whole set on one side then switch to your left leg.
  5. Elevated bird dog. On all fours, curl your toes under and elevate your shins so that your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Hold core tight. Without shifting your body, extend your left leg and right arm and briefly pause, restore to your elevated position, extend the opposite arm and leg, pause and continue to alternate. Beginners can do this exercise with knees on the floor.
  6. Side shuffle to side lunge. Take three shuffles to the right then perform side a lunge to the right (bending right knee and keeping left leg straight). Knees and toes must always point in the same direction. (Do not bend your knee past the front of your toes). Reverse direction to the left. Continue to alternate for allotted time.
  7. Crab dance. In a reverse table top position. Feet flat on floor, hips lifted, hands bent with palms facing you. Lift one leg at a time and try to touch toes with opposite hand. Alternate sides.
  8. Russian twists. Seated with your back slightly declining, begin to twist side to side and follow your elbow with your gaze. If you want more, hold a large medicine ball or dumbbell, if you want even more, balance on your buttocks with your legs crossed at ankles.

Remember a healthy-shredded summer body is built not through hibernation, but through winter motivation!!! 🙂

Call us or email us as you try this workout and please share your thoughts! We hope you will find motivation to dare and be better to yourself one day at a time!

****As with every workout program, always consult a physician before you engage in new or high-intensity workouts to make sure you are able to do so safely.