This Holiday Season treat someone you love with a gift of Wellness!

I am frequently asked by my students and clients what to give someone they love to inspire them to be healthy and fit.

The great thing about giving a gift of wellness is not only that you are helping them start a better journey, but they will also think of you each time they use the product or class you gave them!

So for all of you that would like to give this type of gift for this Holiday Season, I have come up with a list of recommendations that can be as low as $20.00 to fit everyone’s budget. Remember, exercising is available to EVERYONE and there are price points for every pocket size and budget. So this year why not give…

  1. A chic yoga mat or mat carrier to your Yogi Friend. Call me silly, but I do like to roll out a cool looking mat, as I create space for my practice!,
  2. A workout DVD. The sky is the limit with these., to your local store, there are so many to choose from. I personally like the style of Jackie Warner (power circuit training) when it comes to strength training, Billy Blanks (TAEBO) for the kickboxing buffs, or even a walking dvd for those that are just starting a fitness regiment. All these are wonderful ways to inspire your friends or relatives that may have time constraints and do not have a gym membership.
  3. A beautiful water bottle: Sipping lots of fresh water is super important when working out,  and when gifted by someone will make them think of you each time they use it! What better motivation from a friend than a constant reminder that they care about you!
  4. A package of fitness classes: At dare to be fit, we also offer gift certificates that range in class type and price. Besides our CoreMix Pilates, Total Belly Meltdown and Yoga sculpt classes, we are adding swimming lessons for triathlon  trainees, and “hot mama’s a small group class geared towards recent moms. This can range in price- you can buy them as a single introductory class, or a package that fits your budget.
  5. Additional ideas:, etc.
  6. A book on Pilates: “Pilates in Motion” by Alicia Ungaro is one of my favorites and ideal for your Pilates loving friends that enjoy reading and perfecting their routine.

So this year start your loved ones with a gift that will change their life; that will give them energy and the body they want – along with a constant reminder that they have your support!


Happy Holidays!