open streets chicago

Try something new October 1st. As many of you know, I am a big proponent of “mixing it up.” So when I learned that Chicago would be hosting open streets, I became intrigued – and I think you might find it so, too.

In brief, on Saturday, October 1st, State Street between Lake and Van Buren will be closed to motor vehicles. The idea is to turn it into a promenade and allow everyone to have a new perspective walking, biking, skating, dancing and interacting in new ways in the heart of the Loop.

What I am excited to know is that a core initiative they are promoting is health. So, while I am bummed to miss it – and I have been told that some of you, too, are bummed to be missing me while I take my vacation, perhaps open streets on state street will allow you to “mix it up” while I’m gone.

You can check out the schedule here.

No matter what you decide, just because I am on vacation, don’t forget to dare to be fit – in ways I have already showed you, or new ways like this!