Many of my clients frequently ask questions about strengthening their core, or seek ideas to work their core “harder” and more effectively.

For those of you that take my classes or train with me, you know that developing a strong core is an integral part of my approach. Not only does a toned core “look” good but it has so many benefits that exceed aesthetics. A “strong core” means a stronger, healthier back, improved posture, longer and leaner muscles, and increased flexibility to name just a few.

So for all those “hard core” enthusiasts, I developed “Total Belly Meltdown” (aka TBM) – a belly scorching routine that I teach at my studio. It is designed to allow you to workout anywhere: at home, on a business trip or vacation, indoors or outside using just your body weight.

Since our core is generally covered by a certain amount of fat, Total Belly Meltdown includes “cardio blasting” exercises to help remove that “top layer” of fat.  Working on toning the muscles underneath will make them more visible once the top layer is “melted.”

I have uploaded a couple of short videos to YouTube for you to sample TBM. Each video has a different routine – be sure to do the proposed exercise sequence multiple times – increase the repetitions as you get stronger and as always focus on proper technique to achieve faster results!

Feel free to combine exercises from both videos to customize your sessions!

Check out the latest video!