You may find it hard to believe, but even as a fitness professional, I find working out to be one of those trying relationships that require work, creativity, dedication and above all, some serious commitment.  However, having it be a healthy relationship is well worth the investment! Here is some of my best advice:

  • Choose activities you like to do. If you hate running, have knee or hip issues, you are less likely to run regularly. How about dancing! Fencing, anyone? Some great ways to stay motivated are to combine a passion with a little sweat for a perfect workout combo!
  • Workout at a time of day that suits you and is realistic for your schedule. If you can barely get out of bed in the mornings, signing up for a 6:00AM boot camp may be unrealistic. PM hours may be better suited for you and your success. If family and kids make that impossible, sign up for classes near your office and hit the gym at lunchtime.
  • You don’t have to work out a full hour. High intensity, shorter workouts have become all the rage and give the same results as longer, moderate routines.
  • Have a weekly plan. Even as a fitness professional, I never “randomly” have time to work out. I put my workouts in my calendar and this makes it easier to stick to them.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. Instead of saying: “I want to weigh xyz.” (the infamous 125 lbs.); say: “I want to feel strong, be healthy and look fit.” By sticking to this philosophy, you are more likely to make your healthy weight.
  • Be social with your workouts. Joining an outdoor boot camp or training for a race with your BFF are wonderful ways to invest in your health. You will look forward to attending, motivate each other not to miss and push each other to quicker results!

Make exercising regularly and eating healthy a priority. Just stick with it!