Combining exercise with a little socializing can bring you both physical and personal benefits. You will not only be exposed to other people looking for the same health and physical benefits of working out, but you may open doors to new friendships and networking opportunities.

Over the past five years, dare to be fit’s booty camp, has brought together some truly wonderful individuals. And to this day, many continue to raise the bar for each other through joint workout commitments and physical challenges across different styles of training. The results have been simply amazing!

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a workout buddy or a group to exercise with:

  1. If you commit to a friend or to a group of people you will feel more obliged to show up and simply more compelled to see the people that are striving for the same health and fitness objectives.
  2. The energy of the group is motivating, making you push yourself harder and be competitive (in a good way) leading to better results.
  3.  Working out is cheaper than eating (and drinking) out!
  4.  Working out can open a window of new possibilities to explore: bike rides in the city, cause-oriented races, stroller groups, etc. Once you begin hanging out with workout buddies, you are more likely to make physical activities a way of socializing and a regular practice.
  5.  You will meet new friends and open up new doors both for personal and professional relationships.

So why not grab a friend or join a group filled with other people looking for the same results: to be fit, to have fun and to feel fabulous. Spring in the city is a time to bloom!