As many of you will be visiting family and traveling over the Holidays, why not take your good workout habits with you? My gift to you: this “do it anywhere” Holiday workout!

Remember, space does not matter, nor the equipment at hand. It is all about your willingness to get some sweat going!

Below is a sample circuit workout using body weight, to make for a guilt free, happy Holiday Season*


Warm up (5 to 7 minutes)

Start by marching in place and changing the speed for a minute at a time. You may also go for a brisk walk or use your parents’ treadmill if they have one.


Side to side squats (20 repetitions)

Step to the right and squat, step to the left and squat (feet in line with the hip bones, weight on the heels so that you can see your toes and knees stacked above your ankles).


Forward kicks (20 repetitions per leg)

Come into a squat, lift right leg and with control, kick forward (do not lock your knee). Do 20, then switch legs.


Mountain climbers (20 repetitions per side)

In a push up plank position (supported on the palm of your hands and toes) alternate bringing one leg into the chest. Avoid letting the lower back arch and/or bounce. This exercise should be performed with very little movement in your back – hold your abs super tight!


Push ups (20 repetitions)

If you tend to do full push ups, go for it – if you are building strength place your knees on the floor, tuck the tail under and give me 20!!!!!


Jumping jacks (20 repetitions)

I ask my clients to do “HAPPY JACKS” – these are the ones performed with vigor and hands almost clapping at the top! Because WHO doesn’t feel good doing them :)?!


Alternating forward lunges (20 repetitions per leg)

From a standing position take an exaggerated step forward until the knee of your front leg is directly stacked over the ankle. The back knee bends towards the floor and the torso is erect. I like to think of the upper body resembling the movements of a “carousel pony” – there is no hinging forward, it’s an up and down movement!


 Bicycles (20 repetitions per side)

Lie on your back, lift your shoulder off the ground and begin by bringing your left elbow to the right knee as you extend the left leg. The twisting should come from the torso and not the head or shoulders. Keep your elbows wide!


Supermans (20 repetitions)

Lie on your stomach and simultaneously lift both legs and both arms off the ground. Your shoulders should be pulling back away from the ears, your abs should be contracted and your biceps in line with your ears. Gaze forward (at the floor about 1 foot in front of your face) to avoid “crunching” the back of your neck

After the completion of one circuit, go back to the first exercise with little rest and re-start. Try for 4 to 6 full circuits – aim for a 50-60 minute session (or whatever you have available) and follow your workout with 10 minutes of stretching.

Stay hydrated throughout and have fun! You will fee fabulous afterwards.

If you have any workouts that you like to do on the road – I would love to hear from you and include some of your ideas in my future blogs

Have a very Happy and Healthy Holiday!!!!!



* As always, this workouts are intended for those that are already active, take fitness classes and are in good physical healthy and injury free!