If you want to see results, you have to push your limits! All exercise is beneficial, but not all exercise is going to get you the results you expect.

So in other words, if you are comparing being completely sedentary to starting to walk, or you are recovering from an injury and/or are new to exercising – easing your way into a fitness regiment – the answer is YES.

However, if you are an active individual looking to burn body fat, increase your cardiovascular endurance and stamina, tone and strengthen your body, or speed up your metabolism – then the answer is NO.

In this later case you need to expose your body to progressive challenges that will require that it adapts to the imposed demands! When you impose a demand on your body that is new, it will be forced to adapt by becoming healthier and more fit. It will need more energy to do so – some of which it will get from stored fat.

Simply said – if you want to see progress, you have to challenge your body in ways that maximize your efforts and push your limits. As someone who has the exact same challenges as all of you do, here are three ways I use to push my own limits:

  • INCREASE the weight.
    Work with weights that make your muscles burn towards the end of your weight lifting set.
  • When doing cardio, choose a distance, speed, intensity, and/or resistance that makes you UNCOMFORTABLE!
  •  ADD an additional workout to your current schedule.

In conclusion, the next time you feel like “moseying” through your workout, remember this just won’t cut it for the “cut” you are really looking to achieve.