Autumn is a great time of year to revisit your exercise and dietary routines. With this long and beautiful Fall in Chicago, it has been easy to stay active and eat healthy. However, as days shorten and temperatures drop it is important to prepare for the months to come and have an exercise plan even before the start of the Holiday Season. NEVER wait to start exercising until after the Holidays. You will not only go less healthy (perhaps even heavier) into the new year, you will feel less motivated and therefore less likely to succeed reaching your goals or maintaining the success you have seen already in 2010.

So this Fall, you should immediately start planning your new workouts.

Consider signing up for some classes with your friends: this will keep you social and at the same time away from restaurants and bars. Ask for fitness gear, memberships to a club, and/or workout outfits for your presents this Holiday Season. Ultimately, these will be better investments: the ones you make in yourself.