Did you take a long weekend – away from your workout routine and healthy eating? Don’t feel guilty – it happens to all of us. So what should you do about it? Well – at least you should not feel guilty and you don’t have to give anything up to compensate. Rather, this week, try making 5 small improvements to your routines for a guilt free (post Labor Day) week! Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to give anything up!

Just make a few healthy choices for a better week ahead.

  1. INCREASE the weight that you lift at the gym this week. Challenge yourself with just a few more pounds as you do your squats, lunges, bench presses, rows, etc. You will shock your body – revving up your metabolism – and burn more fat.
  2. STEP UP your cardio workouts – alternate intervals of low to medium intensity with periods of high intensity. Or simply increase the length of your cardio program by 15%. This is totally manageable and exactly what you need this week – be sure to check out my blog archive for some sample interval and circuit workouts.
  3. EAT MORE fruits and vegetables – to cleanse your body and to fuel it with nutrients so that it does not crave fatty foods.
  4. EAT your dinner EARLIER and substitute unhealthy late night snacks with healthy alternatives (small apple, banana and almond butter, caffeine free tea).
  5. TAKE THE STAIRS, PARK your car FURTHER, RIDE YOUR BIKE to work, take a POWER WALK during lunch. Not only can you break up some of your daily rut, but you can burn a lot more calories and this will make you feel more accomplished.

Once you’ve added these 5 small changes to your week, you will feel less guilty and ready to incorporate some of them – perhaps permanently – into your life. Give it a try!