So you have been on and off with your “workout relationship…”


You joined a fancy gym – then canceled the membership because you did not use it. You joined a cheap club – but then hated the low maintenance, poor equipment and packed classes. Tried out the gym in your building – but the one elliptical that you like seems to be taken by the marathon walker who is ALWAYS on it. You even bought your own treadmill, but your aren’t sure if it still works after being your favorite laundry rack for the past year…aghhh. Sound familiar?

Look no further. Here are 5 easy and fun tips sure to get your workout relationship to go from boring to “sizzling!”

  1. Buddy up with a fitness friend. You all have one, you know that workout freak – yes, that’s right – the one that seems to do everything right, that you (almost) hate for it. Let him/her tell you where to go and what to do. It’s like having a free trainer/motivator at your beck and call.
  2. Research the city’s wide array of class offerings – discover your true passion. It’s like e-harmony for workouts. It takes a bit of matching and perhaps a few “bad” dates to find that special one… You can try many of these classes for free or sign up for single sessions until you discover “the one.” So whether you enjoy tai-chi, belly dancing, samba or boot camp style workouts, there is something out there that will fit your training personality, budget, and your schedule. If you are single, what better way to meet people? If in a relationship – its a whole new world to explore – together.
  3. Dress like the person you want to be. Don’t exercise in a stained, oversized “Bubba Gump” T-shirt! You can buy inexpensive, flattering workout clothes that will make you feel good about yourself and more excited about hitting the gym or park trail.
  4. Subscribe to a fitness magazine. For less than $1/issue, stay abreast of the latest fitness trends. (Or if you have an iPad – check out Get nutritional advice, as well as free workouts, recipes, inspirational stories and motivational tips. This way, you can spend a few minutes every day learning a new trick.
  5. Periodically hire a personal trainer to show you some good exercises and the proper way to perform them. Remember trainers are not there just to motivate you and count your reps. A good trainer can develop a routine with your goals in mind, but at the same time teach you how to perform them safely and effectively. Now days, trainers work not only with individuals but in small group settings with two or three people at a time, so the cost may not be as high as you fear them to be.

Dare to make one change this very day – and you are on your way to “sizzling” things up once again with your workouts!