It is everyone’s desire to have a strong, firm and well-defined core – even better – a “six pack”.

But how does one achieve a well-defined and chiseled look in the middle?

As you probably already know, a well-defined core depends on several factors – ones you CAN control and improve upon:


It is crucial to stick to a regular exercise regiment that incorporates fat burning and cardio exercises. You need to “burn” the fat covering the muscles in order to expose them. Weight training, boot camp style training, running, playing sports, alternating workout intensities are all great ways to speed up your metabolism and therefore burn more fat – even when your body is at rest. If you are not exercising at the moment- make the change today. There are so many options – get outside, the weather is getting better – (really!) – but be sure to do something you really enjoy – Frisbee, biking, a long walk in the park – and before you know it, you’ll be burning more calories and fat – there you go – you are on your way!


For real definition, if we exercise regularly but neglect to address our eating habits, it will be hard to loose the top layer of fat covering your muscles – hiding that six-pack underneath! Drink plenty of water, eat a diet rich in fiber, grains, lean protein and organic fruits and vegetables. Give up or lessen cocktail consumption – they are high in calories and have no nutritional value… really – none. Also sodas, sweet drinks, calorie loaded coffee drinks can be substituted (at least occasionally) by better options.

Make one healthy change today and work towards a better CORE!

Core Workouts:

Finally, remember the “core” is made up of muscles on the front and back of your torso – all the muscles except your limbs, neck and head – these include the muscles of your back, around the hips, your pecs, etc. It is important that you work ALL of them do attain symmetry, health and better definition.

If you need ideas for a core workout take some classes at your local gym, try Pilates and other core- or abs-based classes. Most of us tend to “squeeze in” core exercises at the end of a workout since we are already tired and ready to stretch. Instead, make the core workout – THE WORKOUT today!

There are many fun ways to work your core. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about our brand new core/cardio-based class starting later this month:

Total Belly Meltdown or you can try my regular Pilates offerings – right here in Old Town!

Remember – changing one eating habit and taking advantage of Spring will be a great way to start re-defining your core!