Did you know that a 3500-calorie intake or expenditure leads to 1lb of weight gain or weight loss?

This means that you can healthily lose 1 lb. per week by just cutting down or burning off 500 more calories per day  (500 X 7=3500).

Conversely, if your food intake increases by 500 calories per day, by the end of the week you would have gained a pound (and this does not have to happen in 500-calorie increments. The calories can add up in any way).

The formula is simple:
 +3500 calories = 1 pound gain;
 -3500 calories = 1 pound loss.

So if you feel that you can stand to lose a few pounds, do it the healthy way. Aim for a 1 lb. per week weight loss, and do it by cutting your food intake by 250 calories per day and exercise for a caloric expenditure of 250 calories per day…not that bad.

Some examples…cut down on cocktails, sweet juices, extra salad dressing, cream soups, late night snacks, that tasty Starbucks bar drink, etc.

On the other hand, a medium intensity workout every day or 3-4 vigorous workouts a week, should take care of the other half of your calories.

Give it a try!