Just as with exercising, a good weekly eating plan will make your eating choices better on those late nights when you return exhausted from the office. With the Holiday Season just about to go full swing, it is even more important to balance a healthy eating plan with Holiday parties, family gatherings and eating out…Do you have the right ingredients to make a healthy diner when home? Do you have a few healthy snacks to tie you over as diner is being prepared, or before you head out to a party?

Try to plan this on Sundays, as you look at the week ahead. What do you have going on during the week? When are you eating out and when eating at home? Do you have enough fruit and vegetables to make some quick and healthy dinner choices during the week? If not, Sundays are the perfect day to shop and plan for a healthy week.

In addition, don’t forget to plan your workout week. Eating right and regular exercise will help you stay healthy and fit through yet another Holiday Season!

Have a happy and healthy week!