Always plan your workout week on Sundays. The best way to reach your fitness goals is to make sure you get in the right amount of workouts in a week.

“But how do I do that with my schedule?” I frequently hear.

Make a date for yourself with specific times in mind to make sure your resolve does not slip.

On Sunday, look at your work, family & social calendar and pick 4 realistic times. Here is a sample schedule:

On Monday, hit your building treadmill before work – for an interval cardio workout.

On Wednesday, before meeting your girlfriends after work, stop by the gym for a weightlifting class, meet with your trainer or even use a DVD at home. This will build strength, burn calories and make you feel less guilty for eating out.

On Thursday morning do some yoga (or Pilates) at home to keep your mind at peace. You can always drop in to a morning class as well.

On Saturday, it’s time again for a weightlifting & cardio workout. DO it before you run your errands – since it will be much harder to motivate later.

All in all you get the picture, choose the times that are realistic for you. I also meet many of my clients at lunchtime – the ones that don’t like to wake-up early – or miss dinner with their friends – the point is YOU CHOOSE but don’t give it up. You owe it to yourself. Start planning this Sunday!