I’ve never been overweight and have always enjoyed being active, but before I started with Michelle, my routines and motivation varied greatly. I could get stuck in a rut doing the same routines or classes inside and outside of the gym, and was pretty consistent with my weight, endurance, and strength.
Michelle’s booty camp, Total Belly Meltdown, and Pilates classes have taken my level of fitness to a whole new level! First of all, Michelle’s personality and approach are exceptionally invigorating and fun, which is helpful and enjoyable when you’re trying to get your exercise in! The classes are unique and different each time, from the structure, equipment, pace, and focus. Her workouts are a mix of cardio, endurance and strength building, and core work that are challenging and fun! My body has truly transformed over the last year of consistent classes with Michelle: I am lighter in weight, have dropped clothes sizes, have more defined muscles, have better endurance, and am stronger than I have ever been in my life. There were things we did in my first summer of classes that I thought I would never be able to do well (Bulgarian split squats, anyone?!?), but it’s amazing how through commitment to the workouts, you can get to a place where you are doing something well you could not do at all previously, or achieving a new milestone in reps, weight, or speed.
The small class format is great because you benefit from Michelle’s exuberant leadership throughout the class and her expert guidance on form, yet also have partners to additionally invigorate and challenge one another. I have been in these classes for several years now, and my “workout peeps” (who it ends up I see more frequently than anyone else in my life aside from co-workers, really), have become good friends. There is truly an environment of support, encouragement, and accountability, and although there’s a spirit of healthy competition at times, everyone is able to work at their own pace and challenge themselves to the level they need and want.
Even though I’ve made strides in reaching new goals, the amazing thing is, Michelle has the inherent ability to continue challenging me, and her dedication to her students (and her amazingly fun classes!) motivates me to stick with healthy habits and continue to take my fitness abilities to even higher levels!


I love Michelle and my Dare To Be Fit experience!! Michelle is a light of creative energy! We enter a calm and peaceful space, only to emerge energized, uplifted, and aligned. No two classes are alike as she delivers the latest and greatest fitness techniques combined with an extensive history of pilates moves designed for ultimate core strength and alignment. Having struggled with back pain for many years, I can enthusiastically claim that I am pain free and am moving gracefully in my world. Thank you, Michelle!!


I’ve always tried to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle but after years of moderate results and yo-yoing weight loss/gain, something had to change. I knew that my regime of running and let’s call it casual weight lifting was not cutting it. Also gone were the days when I could eat anything I wanted and not worry about the consequences. So I decided to take the plunge and join this “Booty” Camp class hoping it could change more than just my backside.

Let’s start with saying that I’ve always prided myself in being an athlete and being able to compete when it came to physical fitness. Well, that first class I attended with Michelle, no way to sugarcoat it, was utter pain. After a few weeks I was still gasping for air and looking for a break every second but was starting to turn the corner. This was when I realized that all the struggle, pain I was enduring shouldn’t be for nothing and wasted by my diet. I changed my eating habits and started to watch what I was putting into my body, soon I was starting to see results. Next, I was introduced to Pilates and loved all the new exercises it introduced and I was officially hooked on this healthy active lifestyle thing. Soon after I started adding weight lifting/cardio a few days a week on my own and I was really starting to see changes to my body.

But… I want to make it clear that this was not the first time that I’ve wanted to make a change like this in my life. A big reason this time around is different is because of Michelle. Her energy and motivation during class is by far the greatest I’ve ever experienced. She knows just when to push you, to make you believe you can give just a little bit more.

She’s also amazing outside of class, whether to check-in on an existing injury or how training for a long distance race is coming along or even to give you a new smoothie recipe. I not only feel like I’m one of clients but a friend, a friend that’s equally invested in my success as I am. Thanks Michelle!

Oscar B.


Michelle has mastered the art of ascertaining how far your body and mind can be pushed and then motivating you via a seasoned blend of positive reinforcement and toughness to get you to that point each and every session. As your strength and cardiovascular endurance improve, she continually recalibrates and gets more and more out of you. The results speak for themselves.

You will also appreciate the fact Michelle gets you where you want to be all while prioritizing proper form to avoid injuries. She will also invest the appropriate amount of time upfront to make sure your intentions are appropriate before she will agree to train you. Dare-to-be-Fit isn’t a pre-marital crash course or a place you go to drop weight in advance of a vacation. It is only for those who truly want to integrate intense exercise into their life long term.

I had tried several other high-end trainers in advance of being introduced to Michelle and couldn’t find what she offers. Her maturity, no nonsense approach and commitment to excellence is what clearly separates her. If you are ready to extend your body and mind beyond what you think your current limitations are, I highly recommend you sit down a map out a plan with Michelle. You will be glad you did.


Michelle is the ideal personal trainer. She quickly pinpoints your fitness level and tailors your workouts to reach the cliff’s edge of muscle exhaustion without “breaking” you. This creates a sense of accomplishment and well-being as your fitness steadily improves, so you look forward to working out instead of dreading it.
No two workouts are ever identical, and each one is a total body experience – all the major muscle groups get attention, as well as balance, agility, cardio and flexibility. This keeps the process challenging and fun, and makes a huge difference in overall body tone and conditioning. You truly feel “athletic,” not just “pumped.”

Finally, Michelle is a great coach. Supportive, encouraging and interested in understanding your lifestyle without being intrusive, she gives honest feedback and advice. Like every good teacher you ever had, you find yourself wanting to perform well, and really happy when she recognizes that effort. I’ve never felt this good about exercise.

Josh V.

I’m a former athlete with chronically painful joints. Michelle’s thoughtfully designed workouts have reduced my pain while significantly increasing my strength and flexibility. She’s tough, but I always find that that the hour-long sessions are up before I know it. I’m glad to have found a trainer who is smart, fun, and genuinely talented. I’ve gotten great results and actually enjoyed it.
Colleen T.

Michelle has been my personal trainer for over a year now and at this point, I can’t imagine my life without her.  She’s knowledgeable, friendly and easy to be with yet she doesn’t let me slack off.  She’s enthusiastic and encouraging and pushes me to achieve more than I ever would on my own.  She also offers realistic suggestions to help me get the most out of the time I work out without her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Emily S.

This girl rocks! She pushes your limits. You might consider yourself in shape and well conditioned but she will prove you can be way better. I am in the pilates class and during the summer I was also in the boot camp. Both classes are hard work and you will feel muscles in your body you never felt before. At the same time, you have fun working out and when it’s over you want more!

Michelle is professional, motivational, and positive. You can tell she loves what she is doing and she transfers that optimism to her students. She is the kind of teacher you would like to hang on to as long as you can. But if you should have to move away, she will have given you tools for life.

Danijela D.

I never believed that achieving one’s personal fitness goals was dependent on the trainer with whom they worked. That philosophy quickly went out the door when I started working with Michelle. A friend pushed me to do Booty Fit Camp with her this summer, and I swear I saw results I never thought possible after my first class! I have continued to sign up for TBM and Booty Fit Camp sessions all the while watching my body transform more and more along the way. Michelle pushes me to new limits by mixing up each class so that it’s never the same. She motivates me to show up to every class in order to keep up with my fitness goals. I know she truly cares about each of her students getting the most out of it, all while having fun at the same time! No matter how tired I am, I always leave each class motivated and feeling great (albeit a little sore)!

Courtney K.

From Pilates to Bootcamp to Yoga, Michelle is truly an all around fitness guru, I feel very privileged to work with someone like her!  She will push you to your maximum potential and you will feel and see results!  If you are truly seeking a  more positive healthy lifestyle work with Michelle, her high energy level is so contagious!  Michelle comes up with unique exercise variations so your workout will never be boring.  I am truly grateful that she is a part of my life!


Motivational. Energetic. Focused. Experienced. Caring. Supportive. Tough. These are the words that come to mind when describing Michelle and how she conducts her exercise classes. I have been taking classes with Michelle for almost a year now, mainly her Booty Camp and Total Belly Meltdown classes. Having two young children, I can only manage working out 2 days a week (for now), but I have seen great results because of Michelle. When I was younger, my arms had always been the most toned on my body, and within a couple months of taking Michelle’s classes, I saw glimpses of those “guns” coming back! Within 6 months, I went back down to my pre-baby pant size, which is such a great feeling! She changes the workout routines so you never get bored. She finds time in her busy schedule to connect with you outside of the classes, to let you know she is there to help you reach your goals. She’s a great trainer and I highly recommend her! Thanks Michelle!!

Annie N.

Michelle has been instrumental in helping me get to the next level with my fitness goals.  She tailored the workouts to effectively bring forth the results I was craving while being mindful of keeping it fun and different every time!   It was great getting my butt kicked without feeling like there was a drill sergeant in my face. I’d always feel the next day how hard she worked me and looked forward to doing it again the following week. I think I have found a healthy addiction!

Kelly M.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle for about 1 1/2 years. She’s trained me individually on the reformer and also in personal training sessions. I’ve also joined her group Mat Pilates and Booty Camp classes.  Whether in a group setting or individually, Michelle is able to connect with you on both a professional and personal level. Each session is always different keeping the workouts fresh and never boring. Her genuine personality also makes her inspirational and fun to train with. She’s able to push you to your comfortable limit and make you feel proud of yourself at the end of your workout. She’s tough; I won’t lie, but makes your fitness goals achievable and not feel out of reach. I would recommend working with Michelle to anyone who wants a caring,  energetic and positive person to train with. She genuinely wants you to succeed!

Jen L.

It seems somewhat strange to write a testimonial for someone who likes to ‘see’ you physically suffering.  In fact, Michelle encourages it, stretches you until you feel it, asking if you ‘feel the burn’.  Well, yes, of course I feel the burn.  Do you not see the sweat on my forehead, the labored breathing, the shaking muscles?  This, of course, I’m saying in my head, because there isn’t enough energy to say it out loud.

However, when you feel and see the results Michelle helps you achieve — the increased flexibility and range of motion, the strength of your core, the jeans that now fit — the happiness it incites makes you mysteriously forget the challenge it took to get there…until the next time…


How do you choose a Trainer?  First Impression?  “I want a Trainer with a Body I could only dream of” because obviously she would know what needs to be done to get in shape! Michelle is a passionate and caring person.  Her sessions are fun, yet challenging and always changing – where does she come up with these workouts?  Want to get in Shape?  There’s nobody better than Michelle to help you reach your goals!

Highly Recommended by Donna Shaw

Michelle, Your Pilates classes and programs are the best. Motivation and results guaranteed. I live in Chicago 6 months a year and South Beach 6 months a year and I have not found a trainer or program that comes even close to you. I highly recommend you and your programs to friends and neighborsall the time. Keep up the great work – and please consider moving to South Beach in the winter 🙂

Phil Siebert

After the birth of my first child, my body was not as tone.  I have been working with Michelle a little over a year now and my abs and arms are more tone than prior to having a child.  I have even lost 2 inches off my hips.  I get compliments on my arms often and it is nice to hear. Results are all that matter.  Michelle’s pilates class and summer booty camp have proven results and given me a better sense of self.  I am Very proud of how I look for the first time in 10 years.  Many thanks to Michelle.

Holly K.

I started Michelle’s boot camp in June 2009 and have been hooked ever since!!!  I have continued in the winter months to take Pilates and weight classes in her studio.  Thanks to her challenging workouts, I have successfully accomplished my goal to lose 15 pounds and once again feel fit and strong!!   Michelle truly cares about the success of every individual and it is hard not to succeed with her knowledge and encouragement.   Thanks Michelle – I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Lisa L.

Michelle, you have given me the encouragement and tools to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle. I absolutely love that every training session is different and never boring! I am always so impressed with your willingness to assist me in planning my independent workouts and even following up with me to see how they went. All of the energy and care you put into our sessions does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do!

Courtney V.

I have been attending Michelle’s classes for over a year. Every class is different, never boring, and always challenging. Michelle’s enthusiasm is contagious which motivates me and makes me want to achieve my personal best. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness as well. Michelle has definitely contributed to making me a healthier and more fit person and I feel fortunate to have her as an instructor. Her bubbly personality and warm smile make everyone in class feel welcome.

Lee V.

I want to thank you for all the positive encouragement and incredible instruction you’ve given me over the past few years.  You are such a thoughtful instructor, and I always appreciated how much care you put into your classes.  I feel like you really helped me work through my lower back weakness, and I am feeling really fit now.

Sheila C.

I am back from the doctor. Happy to report that my blood pressure is down to 90/60! Last year at this time it was borderline high and she was very concerned and said if I didn’t shape up I would have to take daily medicine (which I really don’t like to do because I think it messes with my system and sends everything out of whack). Needless to say when she saw me today she said I look great and said she was very proud of me. I owe it all you to you and your classes and support!

Thank you. You are a life saver in every sense of the word!

Jennifer G.

I have been working with Michelle for over a year and my body has been transformed! After lengthy conversations and setting realistic goals for building lean muscle and gaining strength, my body has been transformed!  She is incredibly uplifting, motivating, encouraging, and knowledgeable.  Most of all, Michelle is so dedicated to her role in helping you, as her student, achieve success – that it’s as if she is setting the goals for herself.

Elena G.

I took group Pilates with Michelle when I was a Holmes Place member and have never experienced results through Pilates with any other instructor like I did with Michelle.  She creates a unique routine and works muscles that normally don’t get worked!  Your body will look long and lean!  (And she makes it fun!)