boot camp

Dare yourself to reach your personal best!  These sessions are progressive and designed to help you tone, lose weight and get in your best shape – all while enjoying the camaraderie of other fitness enthusiasts!

I am starting my 4th bootcamp with Michelle and every year I look forward to be beaten!!! I realized last year at the end of our session how beneficial it really is. I went to Machu Pichu and trekked for 4 days up hill, the second day of the trek was 10 hours up and up. At 45 years of age and my very first hike I went up and up like a mountain goat. Thank you Michelle, I was incredibly prepared and my legs carried me because of your: “give me 10 more” I am an addict of bootycamp, it is such a fun experience, the more the merrier join us you’ll love it too !!!

Mireille H.

You never know where you will end up – or what to expect (besides a great workout)!